We are known and respected for our high standards of fairness, integrity and honesty in our relations with our employees, customers, suppliers, competitors and the community.

As this is so important, we have a code of business conduct that sets out our minimum expectations for all employees, wherever they are based.  It shows our customers and other stakeholders that they can rely on us to maintain the highest standards of honesty, fairness and integrity. It helps ensure that we operate in a way that we can be proud of and make choices that keep us successful.

At the heart of our code is the simple ethos that we always follow the law. There are then nine principles that guide how we work:

Keller Think Safe logo on site

Keeping everyone healthy and safe

We believe no one should be harmed as a result of any work we do - so everyone stays safe and well.

Employees from around the globe at a videoconference

Supporting employees' rights and diversity

We value, support and protect the rights and dignity of the individual and the diversity of our people - so we are all treated with respect.

Employees at daily site meeting

Maintaining ethical and honest behaviour

We are always honest, act with integrity and comply with the law - so everyone trusts us.

Keller's intranet on a mobile phone

Keeping our communications open and responsible

We communicate openly, honestly, clearly and responsibly.

Working in the city centre

Working within the community

We act responsibly and respectfully towards the communities we work in because we're a part of them.

Installing foundations for a wind farm

Protecting our environment

We respect and minimise our impact on the environment so we safeguard the future.

Employees discussing Ritz Carlson project

Standing up for what's right

We always speak up when we believe our principles are being undermined.

On site with a customer

Delivering excellent customer service and working with our suppliers to ensure our standards are adhered to

We work to meet our customers' needs and exceed their expectations so they work with us again and again. We ensure we build constructive relationships with our suppliers and they understand our principles and the standards we operate by.